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small box built from cherry hardwoods

A number of complicated boxes have been built for clients over the years, this simple one was completed in 1999, it has a raised section on the lid, the small brass pin hinges are used here.

Unfortunately I do not have a good selection of box photos, they were usually small quick jobs that I completed between other work, and I really did not think to photograph them - now I photograph everything just so I remember that I did it!

box details

Dovetailed with jigs or hand cut dovetails, finger jointed or mitered splined boxes are all possible - lined or unlined - depending on the appearance you choose - almost anything is possible!


cherry box

This completed box was built with Cherry and uses unidentified hardwood accents that came from Japanese pallet wood.

Finger jointed boxes in the background are made from walnut strips and European steamed beech.

box with opened lid







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