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Commission;Cradle in green lettering


peruvian walnut cradle

I built this cradle mainly of Peruvian Walnut withTigerwood rockers and accents in 2012.

These photos were taken recently (2016), it does show some of the effects of wear and usage after caring for two babies. When I asked to borrow it back for photos, I was not planning on refinishing it again, but that is in the works now.

This basic concept was drawn from a number of photos I had seen online and a few cradles viewed in person - I wanted to provide something with gentle curves and a good size to be usable for a while.



Dovetailed joinery for the sides, sliding dovetails for the rockers and breadboard ends on the base.

The two heart accent is also of Tigerwood.

cradle base

It is well built, my hope is that it would end up a family heirloom.




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