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photos of oak tables with walnut trim, stained dark

This was a set of 3 nesting tables made to specifications of a client about 15 years ago, they have been well used!

The tables were made of oak, stained to match the client's railings and kitchen cabinets.

Along the edges of the tops I inset a strip of walnut just to give it a bit of detail there and break up the edge grain of the oak.

Although I was able to borrow these to get some photos (once again did not take pictures at the time of construction), they wanted them back right away, so this is the extent of the details I can show.

Looking back at these after quite a few years, I think now I would put a slight taper on the inside two faces of each of the legs, to lighten the look of them a bit.

I did repair one leg which was loose, but they have held up very well.





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