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Stall Plaques for the Equine Industry


Complete with Exotic Hardwood Inlay

Unique Christmas Gifts or Awards!

ASH plaque with inlay

We offer solid Ash, Oak and Walnut Stall Plaques.

They can be sold plain or inlaid with a variety of hardwood strips to form a design,

sanded smooth and completed with Danish oil and a hand rubbed wax finish.

 Designs will vary, as they are each hand-made,
 no two orders are exactly the same.

 Each plaque includes two brass eyes
 to hang them on your stall or at a show

Our products are shrink-wrapped and mailed in sturdy cardboard containers.

Oak inlaid plaque with metal engraved plate

Size of wooden plaques are approximately 3 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 3/4" thick

         Plaques available with or without engraving plate


Colored Metal Engraving plates are 2.5" x 8"                                

  •          Available in Black, Dark Blue and Burgundy with gold lettering.
  •         Textured plastic plates also available to match your stable colors:

        Please inquire as our supplier changes coloured stock quite often.



         Cost of each Ash or Oak Plaque $29.95 US

Cost of each Walnut Plaque $31.95 US

          Cost of Metal Plate & Engraving $18.95 US

Shipping and Insurance : up to 4 plaques $34.85 Surface Mail,  $49.50 Air Mail.

Note: We are required to charge 5% Sales Tax on all orders.

Contact us to confirm time for production, engraving and delivery.



Laser Engraving available - email for a quote!

We also offer Laser Engraved stall plaques as shown above and on the Samples page!

Names are individually priced, so please email for a quote.


We supply horse shows, futurities, 4-H Clubs, or larger orders at reduced rates.

Email for more information or for a quote!



Oak plaque with Inlay  $18.95 US!


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Thank you all for your business and compliments!



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